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TITLE: Hourglass Euphoria

CONTINUITY: Transformers: Animated

RATING: M (for slight sexual content)

SUMMARY: No one knows this story. This story of love. Because their time together, however blissful, was cut short by the unforgiving servo of war.

INSPIRED BY: TFRarePairing’s Weekly Request Prompt

PROMPT: WheeljackxOverride Prime – The Long Goodbye

Hopefully, by now, you are all acquainted with the Cybertronian terminology I use in this fic. If not….

Body parts (all approximate, and the anatomical chart I use for my stories):

Hands = Servos
Arms = Support Servos
Legs = Stabilizing Servos
Tongue = Glossa
Feet = Landing Pads
Shoulders and Knees = Shoulderpads and kneepads, respectively
Eyes = Optics
Fingers = Digits
Hips = Pistons
Lips = Lip Components
Mouth = Vocal Receptor
Teeth = Denta
Ears = Audio Receptor
Neck = Chassis Pillar
Torso/Chest = Chassis
Body = Frame/Shell
Brain = Processor
Sections of brain = Lobes

And time (all approximate, and the chronological chart I use for my stories):

Any time less than a second = Microklik
Second = Nanoklik
Minute = Klik
8.3 Minutes = Breem
Hour = Cycle
6 Hours = Joor
Day (both day and night) = Solar Cycle
Week = Decacycle
Month = Orbital Cycle
6 Months/Half a Stellar Cycle = Orn
Year = Stellar Cycle
83 Years = Vorn
Approx. 100 years = Megacycle

Hope this helps.

I’m uploading all my stories because work starts tomorrow, and college starts again this coming Monday, and I know I will not have as much time as I did over the Holiday break to write or post, so…….yeah.
Not only that, but Internet is still down at my place, and I’m getting more familiar with the workers at this coffee shop (that has free Wi-Fi) than I’d like to be.


What do I say about this.

I know, I know. Y’all was waiting for an update for Penumbra from me, and when I do have Internet access, instead, I give you a drabble about Percy’s partner and some femme no one cares about.

Am I horrible or what?

See, I notice that Wheeljack tends to get the short end of the stick, both in canon and fanon.
In the G1 cartoons (and fanart), his stuff always explodes in his faceplates.
In the G1 Movie (you know, “you got the touch, dun dun dun dun, you got the power, dun dun dun, tik tik tik tik, YEAH!), he dies.
In the Unicron Trilogy, he becomes a traitor.
In the Animated series, he gets no lines whatsoever.
In the Bayverse movies, he gets brutally executed.
And in the Prime continuity………he has facial scars, psychological scars from probably watching his fellow Wreckers get killed, and he gets the typical Drift treatment.

And in the fanart and fanfiction (and most other fanworks), it’s his partner, it’s Percy, who keeps getting the love/action/happy endings.

And I say WHAT.

Everyone, I love Perceptor as much as the fandom does (I mean, really, he’s the Woobie of the entire franchise), but c’mon! All scientists are sexy. I repeat, ALL DA SCIENTISTS NEED SOME LOVIN’.

So……yeah. I, personally, thought it would be kinda hot to make his lover a rank higher than him. Or give her/him reason to be above ole ‘Jack.

Also, Override Prime, being a femme Prime, just fascinated the daylights out of me. Considering she wasn’t even Cybertronian to begin with. (see Override on TFWiki) And, hey, she had to work on her own ship at some point, I think.

Whatever, guys. This one feels all blech on me.

I’m gonna go buy myself some tea before the coffee shop workers kick me out. Leave comments, please. And thanks so much for reading my junk.


DISCLAIMER: Transformers: Animated belongs to Hasbro, as well as the characters.

Preview pic courtesy of Lecidre.

Everything else is mine.
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Lecidre Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I was having a good time reading this story and enjoying the whole Wheeljack/Override love scene. The sweet tenderness and the romantic feelings. Then I reached the end of the chapter and nearly choked because of Override's death. Really, I did NOT see that coming. Now I'm sitting here and having a very bad case of heartbreak. Poor 'Jack! He finally got someone special yet fate was cruel to him. Poor thing... :cry: *sniff*

Aside from the angst and tragic love story, I actually laughed a little when I read your AN. You're so right, it seems Wheeljack tends to get the short end of the stick in almost every TF universe. At least he had earned an army of fangirls in TFP (although the TFP Wheeljack is awfully similar to Drift... perhaps they designed him like that on purpose so they could sell more Wheeljack toys? :P )
mamabot Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013
I do so love your Wheeljack. Devoted, tender... deep
ForgottenMajesty Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Okay, I should be doing homework right now, but when I saw this comment, I had to tell you:

I was having a bad day yesterday, when I read this comment. Actually, all the recent comments of yours and others on my recently updated fiction.
In addition to my being late to class, and my arguments with my mother, I was feeling too unmotivated to write. I have these depressive periods once in a while, where I don't want to do anything. My depression kicks in at various intensities, and while it wasn't so bad this time, I still felt awful.

And then I read all your comments, and I felt immensely better. But this particular story's comment made me smile because I felt that this was one of the most awful pieces of fiction I ever wrote. I wrote this weeks ago, but I had never gotten any comments on it. Nothing. And, when I reread it, I figured to myself, "Well, no wonder. This writing is so sucky."

Then I saw that you had, indeed, commented on this story, and I felt much better that day.

So, mamabot, thank you. Thank you thank you thank you.


Noticed you were also on the PercyxMoonie group, too. Thanks for visiting, despite the lack of activity and me not having time anymore.


mamabot Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013
daw... yeah depresion bites {been bitten there too} I'm so glad I could make your day a bit better. My first thought was, "Urk? Why hasn't anyone comment this is really intense and ...wowzers... make you think and feel and.."

thus the gushiness goes off the map..

:tighthug: And I look forward to what comes next. And yes, an artist or author moves when the motivation is right and rests when it doesn't thus they don't produce crap. (not so happy wiht my own last bit) {snuggles}
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